The Essential Move-In Cleaning Checklist

Setting in a freshly cleaned and prepared space is a great way to start a new stage of your life. In order to make this happen, someone needs to do a thorough sweep throughout your new property. However, you may wonder what areas and tasks are covered by proper move in-cleaning?

Fortunately, seasoned residential maintenance professionals from Queen Creek gladly share their tips and tricks for comprehensive move in cleaning. Learn about their systematic methods by reading on!

What should move-in cleaning include?

What should move-in cleaning include

If you’ve relocated before, you know the importance of leaving your old living space in pristine condition. Nevertheless, this isn’t the end of your maintenance duties. While a move-out clean is time-consuming, entailing a number of tasks, it lies at the very beginning of an extensive to-do list.

Before you start unpacking your items, you should put some effort into tackling dust, grime, or anything left behind by previous occupants. In order to do this in a focused and effective manner, it’s best to use a checklist. Even if you hire professionals to help you out, a checklist will help you navigate and see whether they covered all tasks. Here what you should tackle before you start settling in your new home: 


Starting with your bathroom makes sense for various reasons. Primarily, it’s for the sake of your own health: microorganisms may thrive in hidden corners, within layers of calcium deposits on fixtures, grout, the tiles, and doorknobs. The move-in maintenance tasks around your bathroom should involve: 

  • Dusting the vents
  • Dusting bathroom cabinets
  • Wiping down the mirror
  • Scrubbing the sink
  • Scrubbing and sanitizing the toilet
  • Wiping the vanity table
  • Mopping the tiled floors
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Tackling grout
  • Scrubbing the light fixture and door handles


Your kitchen is another wet area of your new home that deserves a proper scrub. Follow these steps to make it shine: 

  • Wipe down cabinets tops and fronts
  • Dust and vacuum insides of cabinets
  • Tackle any limescale around the sink
  • Wipe down kitchen counters
  • Wipe appliances from the inside and outside
  • Wipe the top and sides of the fridge
  • Dust cupboards
  • Scrub doorknobs, light switches, and handles

All other rooms

Once you’re done with the kitchen and bathroom, move on to the bedrooms, the living room, and hallways. This way, you’ll be able to move your furniture into a dust-free environment. Here’s what need to be done: 

  • Mop and vacuum all floors
  • Wipe down walls and high shelves
  • Dust ceiling fans and cabinet tops
  • Dust and vacuum insides of cabinets
  • Tackle the areas around your fireplace
  • Tackle the staircase and entrance areas

Rest of your household

This can include your backyard, attic, or basement. It’s useful to thoroughly inspect these parts of your new household. You should check the condition of your gutters, windows, exterior walls, sidewalks, garage, and your driveway. Keep in mind that most residential maintenance companies won’t cover these parts of your property, but it can be worthwhile to see if you need to contact other professionals to facilitate your clean-up.

Where in Queen Creek, AZ can I find a team for efficient move in cleaning? 

Where in Queen Creek AZ can I find a team for efficient move in cleaning

If you don’t have time to manage your move-in maintenance checklist, it’s best to leave it up to a team of trustworthy experts. Fortunately, our team at Sun Life Maids is always at your beck and call. You can count on us to prepare your new home in Queen Creek or anywhere else in Maricopa County in a timely and effective manner. To this end, our crew uses professional equipment, eco-friendly supplies, and special techniques. 

We’ll gladly take the burden of relocation maintenance off your shoulders, so feel free to reach out to us today! 

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