Your Guide to Move-Out Cleaning

Moving houses is a stressful event that includes a lot of planning and organization. Aside from packing your personal belongings and furniture, you need to leave the house spotless and ready for next residents. Move-out cleaning is a tedious job that takes up a lot of time and energy – however, if you live in Queen Creek AZ, you can turn to companies that will do that for you.

If you’re curious to find out what goes into a move-out clean and how hiring a residential maintenance company can help you leave your house in perfect condition, read on!

What is a moving-out clean?What is a moving-out clean

When you decide to relocate, there are many things that you need to consider. Firstly, there’s the organization and planning. Also, you need to prepare and pack your belongings. Of course, you should consider renting a truck or hiring relocation specialists to help you out with the logistics. Finally, there’s the moment when you need to clean behind you. 

You may feel that it’s perfectly fine that you leave your old apartment or house as-is. Nevertheless, there are several reasons why skipping this chore isn’t a wise choice: 

  • If you’re leaving a rental property, your landlord would keep the security deposit money and use it to book a professional upkeep service
  • Your landlord can leave a bad review, which would affect your reputation as a tenant
  • You could also incur additional fees, if a clean-up before leaving was part of your lease agreement
  • If you’re listing the house for sale, you wouldn’t achieve the best price or attract prospective sellers if it’s not spruced up

Since people need to relocate from time to time, many professional upkeep companies offer a specialized package for this purpose. It involves tackling a variety of areas throughout the property, and we’ll get to that. 

What do I need to clean when I move out?

Whether you decide to do it yourself or book expert assistance, you’d need to pack up and declutter your former living space. Sometimes, this would also involve patching up holes in the wall, repainting, and removing old fixtures. Once everything is in motion, you can start with your post-relocation maintenance. Here are the tasks that should be on your checklist:

What do I need to clean when I move out

  • Wiping down all doors. In routine upkeep, you’d often neglect doors, but giving them a nice dusting and wiping from all sides can leave a positive impression. Also, you should scrub and sanitize every doorknob.
  • Dusting ceiling fans. Ceiling fans and vents are known to trap a lot of dust and if you’re like most people, you probably forget about it before a seasonal deep clean. When you relocate, you don’t want this dust to fall on the floors, leaving you with extra work.
  • Wiping down mirrors and windowpanes. With the help of microfiber cloth and a vinegar solution you can leave streakless glass surfaces behind, which can add to the sparkle, leaving a positive impression on your landlord, new tenants, or potential buyers.
  • Tackling cabinets and cupboards. Once you’ve removed all personal belongings, make sure to thoroughly wipe, vacuum, and dust your kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Remove crumbs, lint, and gunk from the insides, and wipe the fronts. 
  • Scrubbing the bathroom. This is not just a matter of appearance or your reputation as a tenant, but you need to consider the well-being of future tenants or homeowners. Make sure to disinfect sinks, vanity, toilet, showerheads, bathtubs, and mop the floors. If necessary, you can use bleach to get rid of all traces of viruses and bacteria. 
  • Tackling the appliances. This usually includes dusting and wiping the fridge, oven, microwave, stovetop, dishwasher, and washing machine. It’s also important to check the HVAC system and other appliances that tend to accumulate a lot of dust. 
  • Dust and wipe baseboards and trim. As one of the final touches, you’d need to tackle the dust on your trim and baseboards. This way, you’ll have less dust buildup in the corners and edges of your floor. 
  • Mop and vacuum the floors. As with standard upkeep tasks, you’d leave this part for last, once you’ve dealt with all higher surfaces. 
  • Trash disposal and recycling. Once you’re done mopping, you can empty trash cans, throw away the garbage, or take care to sort it.

Where can I book efficient move-out cleaning in Queen Creek AZ?

Finding expert help isn’t always easy, but luckily for residents of Queen Creek, there’s a trustworthy crew behind the corner. If you feel that you have good reasons to book move-out cleaning services, wait no more and reach out to Sun Life Maids today. With our extensive experience and expertise, Sun Life Maids will help you reap all the benefits of move-in and move-out maintenance. Apart from that, you can also count on us for sprucing up your new space before you settle in, disinfection, and other residential upkeep options. 

You could enjoy a day at Queen Creek Olive Mill with your family and pets while we do our magic. Thanks to natural products and our broad skill set, we can easily make your home spotless, thus ensuring you become our regular client! Give us a call now and receive a free quote!

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