COVID - 19

With recent developments with COVID-19 we feel it is important to communicate the steps that Sun Life Maids LLC is taking to assist our clients in maintaining a clean and healthy environment in their homes.  We are in a unique position as we have in-depth chemical knowledge and experience in the cleaning and sanitization of health care settings and associated sanitation procedures.   Below are the steps we already were taking, as well as the additional steps we have added.


  • NEW - Restroom cleaning using Buckeye Eco Neutral Disinfectant (product info attached) which has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to 2019 Novel Coronavirus on hard, nonporous surfaces.  We have used this product for many years for commercial clients, but for mor most uses we have used our standard Eco Peroxide cleaner.  Eco Neutral Disinfectant was used for cleaning in ambulatory surgery centers,  kidney center, and several other dental and doctors offices.  This product has a light apple scent and is part of the ECO line products we already use so safe for people and animals.  It is also neutral which means it is neither alkaline nor acidic and safe for almost virtually all hard surfaces.   We now use this product for cleaning bathrooms, touch points and santization in homes on most surfaces.

  • NEW – We will be adding, at no charge to you (normally does cost), a germ-buster touch point sanitization throughout every home, which includes cleaning all door handles, light switches and touch points with the above mentioned Eco Neutral Disinfectant.

  • Laundry – laundry has always been handled with care and color coded to prevent any possible cross-contamination.  All loads are washed on high heat sanitize cycle, rinsed with bleach, and dried on high heat sanitize cycle.

  • NEW – Our staff will only be wearing inside cleaning crocks in client homes, which are sanitized at the end of each home cleaning so they are prepared for the next home.  We do NOT wear shoe covers as they are not a good germ barrier and are a safety hazard for slip and fall accidents for our staff to wear while cleaning, and have found the crocks to be easy to disinfect. 

  • Equipment & Supplies – while we have always been careful to not set equipment on counters & to keep it clean, we have added the additional measure that we will be cleaning the caddies and vacuum bases with our Eco Nuetral Disinfectant product after each home is cleaned. 

  • Cleaning staff have always worn gloves while cleaning, and change them as needed.  We also have Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer in our vehicles so that your technicians can sanitize between homes as needed in addition to normal hand washing practices.

Additional information is attached below about the products we use and the current recommendations our company is following to help our clients to maintain a clean and healthy home.  Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns about this information.   


If you should need to change your schedule due to illness, please contact our office at your earliest convenience so that we will be able to find a different time that will work for your schedule, and so that we have the time to fill the vacancy in our schedule so that our staff will be able to work their normal schedule.

The following is fact sheet and product information for our Eco Neutral Disinfectant product.


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